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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 5 Newlin, again. So Newlin has become the de-facto spokesperson for mainstreaming vampires now that Nan Flanagan is dead. One interesting takeaway from his speech is his on-air devotion to that someone special – a person he claims is a woman. Fascinating. Newlin can cop to being a vampire, but not to being . Keep going, writers, this is a good plotline. Especially when Newlin arrives at ’s house-cum-college party and offers to pay her $10,000 to hand over . Their exchange is among the more delightful, because we were initially shocked at ’s seeming ruthlessness. Good to know she still has a semblance Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 5 of a heart and won’t give up her friends for money.

General set design. The Jack Bauer/CTU-like setting of the Authority’s headquarters, ’s black and white office in contrast with ’s blazing blue pumps, the ultra-violet lights in the torture chambers, all are aesthetically pleasing. Larger budget this ?

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 5 and ’s relationship before she’s turned. Interesting he doesn’t turn her way. More importantly, in coattails! in top hat! Also, as savior – over a human. We’re getting to "The Wire” level of nuance here when it comes to who’s bad and who’s good. It only took the show five s to show the extent of his PTSD, so we appreciate the effort writers are taking now to shed a light on the issue. Scott Foley seems a little misplaced though.

Mrs. Fortenberry: "I’m going to bake you a pie!”

The Best Bit of Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 5 the : The invocation of Lilith/the construction of a vampire religion. While Speakeasy was obsessed with Harry Potter, we had trouble reconciling Harry and friends celebrating holidays like Christmas. What religion – or religious figures – were wizards worshipping? It was never explained. Here, we’ve got a very plausible and stimulating plot line about Lilith being a vampire and vampires created in her image. We fully expect to see "Lilith” trending on Twitter very shortly, and not just among feminist rockers longing for a festival reunion. Also, pressing matter: who IS that child sitting at the table? What are your best guesses?

Well, well, well. Suddenly three gets very serious indeed. After something of a Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 5 meandering start, It Hurts Me Too has some quite stunning revelations contained within, the most stunning of which being that has an entirely hidden and terrifying dark side. Ok, maybe not entirely hidden.

Southern Gentleman he may once have been, but that keenly kept façade has been shattered. 's cavernously deep hidden depths have been concealing the premature death of his young son, and the effect his reappearance and revelation about his vampirism had on his poor wife. The vile Lorena was, of course, present, ever ready to persuade him of the futility of caring for humans, as it only brings them misery. He even allowed her to put Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 5 the poor Mrs. Compton out of that misery, for good.